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How's My Driving Post

Am I playing Roy Harper wrong? Is there something about how I'm playing him that you would like to give some constructive criticism about? Or even telling me if I'm doing a good job? Then here is the place to do it. IP logging is off, so you can post anonymously and not have to worry!
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Been playing Donna Troy for nearly 7 years and you're easily, as of now, in the top five - and that is based on a limited sample. So much so that I noticed there was a homeless Dick Grayson on D_M. I'm willing to go in on a small game with at least one other player if you are.

As for canon, I prefer cherry-picking concepts from Devin's run, but not sticking to it. Yeah, that places me at 1999, but it also saves me from some very questionable stuff I'd have to go fix.
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I've tried writing Donna with other couplings. The character stalls out on me. I also refuse to play in a game without Lian. She's part of the dynamic - period. Also, your friend does an awesome Lian.

Well, I'm willing to start a game. I've been running a large one for years. Or there is a game a friend is running which just started and is a Merged Marvel and DC game that needs more Titans. In that one we have the bonus of Peter Parker talking Donna out of dating her professor.

My major, "can we not do this" is Donna using Roy to prove she's not a "good girl" - whatever the hell that means. I mean, I love Donna and Roy as a couple, but I see them as friends who constantly had this not-so-low-lying bond between them that threatens to flare at interesting, not always opportune, times.

Lian adds a layer into the dynamic. After the death of Donna's son, Lian became a daughter to her, much as she would have liked to fight the idea. This just made everything with Lian's father more interesting. (BTW, WTF was up with all those nannies? I mean, really.)