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Application for the RP Game [community profile] paradisa

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CHARACTER NAME: Roy Harper Jr. / Speedy / Arsenal / Red Arrow
CANON POINT: After being invited to join the newly reformed Justice League of America by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and having now gained the new alias of Red Arrow from Hal Jordan, which all takes place after the events of Infinite Crisis.

LOSS: Roy’s loss will be the memory of Cheshire/Jade, the mother of his daughter, Lian. Roy has always loved her, even if he was never fully in love with her. But she is the mother of his baby girl, and he doesn’t want anything to happen to her, and will always make sure Lian knows about her mom. Without this knowledge of who actually carried his child, he will have to make connections that will probably be wrong. He will still know his daughter, and everything in the past will remain the same. It’s only when Cheshire is there that his memory has conveniently wiped her name and face from his memory. Unable to remember who she is, and who it was that he supposedly fell in love with an had a child with, Roy will try to remember as much as he can. If he can. And find out as much information as possible from people he knows, and if the name Cheshire is ever brought up, he’ll be very, very confused.


Roy is the kind of guy that comes off as a little bit of a jerk, but has a heart of gold on the inside. In reality, his attitude towards people and certain authority stems from deep rooted personal issues, and he uses his attitude as a kind of barrier or shield against anything that he things might hurt him, or hurt those around him that he cares about. Roy is big on family; in losing his parents when he was young, he is always on the lookout for a father figure, or someone to look up to as the parental figure in his life. While he found it at the reservation, he also found it in Oliver Queen; the fact that Oliver abandoned him left a scar that could never fully heal. But even while he looks for a parental figure, Roy has begun to take on the role of a parental figure, not just for Lian, but for the new additions to the Arrow family, such as Connor Hawke and Mia Dearden; he considers the two of them like younger siblings. Family doesn’t just extend to actual family or people within a certain group; family also means his friends in the Titans, as well as those in the League. Roy is loyal to his friends no matter what; Dick, Donna, Wally, Garth, and even Dinah, will always get the help that Roy can give. He may tease and be sarcastic with them, but he does it out of love, nothing else.

But in the way that Roy is sarcastic and humorous, he also has another side to him. While he would much rather make jokes and flirt with whoever her wants, his sarcasm can sometime turn cold and calculating; there is a reason why he was taken on as a superhero, and why he has kept at it, despite not always keeping the secret identity. He is a master tactician, and has been the leader of a group more than once; the Outsiders, as well as the Teen Titans on occasion. He has a code of honor that he lives by, but he would much rather follow his own rules and make them up as he goes rather than go by anyone else’s rules. He doesn’t follow the traditional hero role like his friends have done, and yet Roy still finds it in himself to keep going, no matter what.

However, there is the softer side to Roy that isn’t shown much at all; he has many vulnerabilities, almost all of them revolving around people that he knows and is close to. While it was said that he takes on the father figure role, especially with Lian, she could be said to be one of his vulnerabilities; she could be hurt by him and his work without him even knowing. In fact, on more than one occasion, he has had to go and save her, because she’s gotten caught up in something some villain was trying to do that Roy needed to stop. He wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world, but being a father means he has a soft, vulnerable spot. This brings to light another large issue for Roy, and this one is abandonment. Roy is afraid of being abandoned; having lost his parents young, his guardian within the reservation after that, losing Donna Troy, who he loved, and the fact that the estrangement from Oliver lasted for a long time after the drug addiction issue, Roy can’t stand to think of losing another friend or family member. He is very protective of Lian, and has vowed to never let her go through what he did; her safety and happiness is the only thing he wants most in the world, and he will do whatever he can to make sure she has it.

In the end, though, Roy shows off more of his surface, and is proud of his surface. He can be lazy, and he is proud of how much of a “man” he is; something that can be annoying to many of his friends, and while he’s easy to get along with right off the bat, that doesn’t mean he’s easy to get to know. He only shows his true side to his friends and family, the ones he absolutely trusts. He can be a big flirt, but this just goes hand in hand with the fact that he has a penchant for one night stands; he is a ladies man through and through, and if the woman is beautiful, then she can be expected to be hit on by him. He jokes around and teases his friends, both boy and girl, and while he wouldn’t look to be someone you would take seriously at first glance, he is, in the end, the next Arrow for the Justice League, which is something he takes seriously, and is fully aware of how much he has gone through to get to where he is now.

ABILITIES: Roy doesn’t actually have any “super powers”. He is fast with a bow and arrow, as well with a gun filled with arrows and projectiles, but it’s just the fastest that any human being can be, rather than anything “super” about it. If anything, the creation of what he uses to fight with is more powerful than him. He’s also a pretty strong leader, and an excellent soldier when need be. He’s smart, but not ridiculously so; he isn’t much for computers, though he is a good man to help come up with a plan, with.
Roy would also argue that being the man that should be on the cover of People for being ridiculously good looking is also a canon super power.


There was a time where Roy didn’t know who he was. This time had come during a time when he really had nowhere to go, despite friends who wanted to help, and a mentor who seemingly could have cared less. But this was something different, something that happened at a time when he was stuck in the middle of going from being Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow, any variety of names, and then becoming Roy Harper. Like right now, as Roy closed the door to his apartment behind him. His first mission with the Justice League was a success in its own right; something he was glad for, and the fact that he was given a new identity made it even better. But now, leaving Red Arrow back with the League and stepping into the role of Roy Harper, father to Lian and regular lazy slob, Roy was finding it difficult to get the adrenaline to stop pumping through his veins.

It was always like this, after a fight, a battle, a war, almost. This was probably why out of all his friends, and out of all his allies, Roy was the one who had trouble keeping the superhero identity a secret. As he sat down heavily onto the couch, he reached down to start pulling off his boots with a sigh. He knew why the secret identity was a secret in the first place, but the problem was that there wasn’t a difference between who he was out in the field, and who he was at home and around his friends. Was Red Arrow any different than Roy? He had the same insecurities, the same issues that Roy had. He had the same abilities, the same way of talking and joking around that Roy did. In the end, as Roy reflected on it, tossing his boots over to one of the corners, the only thing different between Roy and Red Arrow was that one was wearing a costume, and the other was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. There were small differences, but none of them were big enough that Roy could say he had successfully left work at the door and come home as a different person.

“Why am I even thinking of this,” He muttered to himself, standing up and stretching his arms over his head with a yawn, going into the small kitchen that made up part of the apartment. The sky outside his window was slowly turning into the pale gray of dawn; even so, he pulled out a beer from the fridge, cracking open the tab with a yawn once more. The addict turned super hero guzzled down about half of it before he stopped, giving himself a chance to unwind after a day like today. Setting the can on the table, he tiptoed to one of the bedroom doors, opening it slowly so as to not make much of a sound. For all of his insecurities, and all of his issues, when Roy got to the bed with his daughter sleeping in it, as cozy as she could be, there was one thing that he could add to the list of similarities between himself and Red Arrow; they both cared about that little girl no matter what. Leaning down, he gave her a kiss on the forehead, smoothing back a lock of hair that was on her face.

Maybe he hadn’t been the best father he could be. But one thing was for certain, and no matter what happened with the Justice League, and no matter if it became another Teen Titan fiasco, or if it devolved into something like the Outsiders, he would abandon the one person who counted on him the most. There was no difference between Roy Harper and Red Arrow, he decided as he left her bedroom, shutting the door quietly behind him. ‘Daddy’ remained the same name for both of them, no matter what.


[He’s lying on his back on a couch, yawning and not looking the least bit happy about some of this.]

So I have to say thanks for the swanky new digs here. Not that I’m going to start complaining or anything, just it would have been nice to be told that I need to find a new couch to lounge on now, and Lian isn’t here with me. Seriously, you go and do something nuts like pluck a guy from his home and set him up with a room that gives you a crappy little couch? Let’s get rid of the couch, and you give me my daughter, simple as that. I know other people out there can hear me.

[Pauses and sighs.]

Okay, fine. Change of plans, which yeah, I’m allowed to do, there isn’t a rule against it. Anyone like stories? I love stories, I grew up with stories, and I tell them to Lian all the time. Okay, here’s a story for you. Well, they say that this should really be told 'round a campfire, but I'll keep it short and simple here. So a girl goes out one day in the woods around her house, and never comes back. They send in the dogs, the people who do that double search thing, and funny thing is, her body never shows up. One of those mysteries that never gets solved, without a body. Her family moves, until it's years later, and the true story is all filled with rumors and secrets, nothing is the same anymore. Some say she went to kill herself, others say she got caught in a bear trap, some say someone ate her. Not something, someone.

The real story? Nobody cares about the real story, the made up ones are way scarier. But the real story is that she went into the woods, met up with her guy, and the two of them eloped.

[Grins.] Pretty good story, huh. Think real hard, and you’ll get the idea of it. And if not, come up with your own ending, I like mine the way it is. Now, I’m just going to lie back here on this crappy couch and wait to see if I can hook any fish out there in the city.

INTENT: I’m a player who loves playing the family guy. Even if the biological family is not in the game, I love it when a character can form close cross canon CR, and create a type of family in whatever setting they might be in. I’m a huge comic book fan, and a huge Teen Titan fan, and Speedy was always one of my favorite Titans. He’s just so complex, and it’s great to play with. As for what I’d like to do in bringing him to Paradisa? I’d love for him to talk to everyone and see if they remember the previous Roy that was apparently there. Then, he’s take a week to just sit in his room, drink beer, and use the network to watch porn. And then after that he would get down to business, making arrows, going out, maybe investigating parts of the world that haven’t been looked into, yet? He’ll find some way to put himself in the action.